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Policy on dogs and other pets on board the ferry L’Héritage 1

If you want to cross with your pet, you have several options. You can leave your pet in your vehicle or outside, in a cage that we can provide, on the vehicle deck. If your pet travels in a carry-on bag small enough to hold it on you throughout the crossing, you can stay in the observation lounge (ticket office) with your pet in its bag. If your dog is too big for a carry bag, you can keep it with you on a leash, outside, in the marked area at the rear of the passenger deck.

In all cases, when you travel with your pet, you must keep it under control at all times and it must not cause any inconvenience to other passengers, to the satisfaction of the ship’s staff.

For example, if your dog barks incessantly, displays aggressive or inappropriate behavior such as “climbing” on people or relieving itself on the deck, we reserve the right to refuse access to your pet. In this case, you must leave it in your vehicle.

We base ourselves on the obligations of dog owners set out by the Quebec government to determine the appropriate measures:
“In a public place, a dog must at all times be under the control of a person capable of controlling it. A dog must be kept on a leash, except in a dog exercise area or when participating in a dog activity. The leash must not exceed 1.85 m in length. For dogs weighing 20 kg or more, the leash must be attached to a harness or halter.”

By following these simple rules of good citizenship, you can travel with your pet and have Caramel and Fido in your sunset photos!

By Perhols, CC BY 2.5,

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